USoat Company - Producer of Original SunOat Milk

USoat Company

Producer of Original SunOat™ Milk.

We are a producer of Health Food dry products. Our office is located in Naperville a suburb of Chicago, Illinois USA. We start production in 1989 and we only use HACCP and ISO Certified blending and packing facilities.

Our specialty are products made from North American or Canadian Oat. All ingredients used in production of our products are 100% American origin and they are Non GMO.

We do not use any distractive enzymes in production, so all Fiber, Protein and Beta Glucan in our products are saved in their natural wholesome form. Some of our products are Applied for Patent Protection for composition.

One of our best products is - SunOat™. It is an Oat Milk product in its best form. Produced without distractive enzyme with all Fiber, Protein and Beta Glucan intact. For source of fat we use Sunflower Oil that is recognized to be better than Palm, Coconut or even Olive oil. Daily consumption of Sunflower oil is actually recommended by doctors and nutrition specialists.

SunOat™ is also considered to be very healthy because it contains dietary fiber and Beta Glucan that is recognized by US FDA as a cholesterol lowering agent. Another very healthy affect of consuming SunOat™ is its low increase in Blood Glucose. Compare to Liquid Oat Milk produced by enzyme ,our SunOat™ causes 50% lower Blood Glucose Increase.

The latest Health Trend is to carefully monitor and actively lower Blood Glucose. Even a slightly increased Glucose level is considered to be very damaging to our health, by decreasing the body own immunity, increasing body weight and to shorten our life span.

SunOat™ is made in dry powder form, so it is economical and has long storage life. It can be delivered in bulk 25 kg bags or packed for retail in plastic reclosable pouches of 500 gr.